The Best English Status Quotes for 2017

Best English Status, After Shayaris in Hindi and Best Whatsapp Status, Today we are going to share 20 best Love Status in English written fresh by our team. If you want to send the love message to your lovable one, or want to keep the status on social sites, So you can send this Status and express your feelings. We have also the collection of Love Status in Hindi & Attitude Status for Whatsapp & much more.

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The Best English Status Quotes for 2017

You are the favorite chapter of my novel.


I changed my destiny for you.


You are the bonfire of my chilling darkness.


If you happen to fall in love with me, let me know!
Maybe I would not let you fall, instead, I would help you rise in my love.


The night is such an irony,
It is dark and scary,
But it is also the most beautiful part of the day.


I am the groom and you’re my bride,
I will seek you so please don’t hide.


If you can understand me, you will understand love.


You got your heart broken in the past because you probably forgot to reply me at the right time!


Yours is that pretty face I would want to make smile for the rest of my life.


You are the only candle to my dark room.


You are the bank to the river of my love.


You are the most romantic phrase of my life.


I have given a name to the love between you and me
it is US!


Would you still let me curl my fingers into yours even if you are upset with me?


My body started dancing when I heard you for the first time.


In a group of HOT GIRLS,
I found you the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.


You seem to be the angel from my grandma’s fairy tale.


My parents always told me to take a wise decision.
So I am looking for a good diamond ring for our wedding.


Let us Know which one you liked the most!
Love you all – Shashank Singh.

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